Re-Creation of pure 24 Karat gold Layered Silver Ingots with Historic Indian god Images on USA-POSTAGE

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  • Since the ages In Indian culture the importance of the gods placed on the top position in human life. praying Gods is the part of human life in Indian culture. Keeping this in mind USA postage released seven god images with a $0.44 Face value postage that reflects Indian cultures and beliefs. Goldenline takes pride offering these seven images into precious metals as a limited edition collection named as "The spirit of India collection?. Every detail of the masterpiece is captured carefully to make sure the originality of the Real Postage is incorporated into each ingot to make this limited edition set beautiful.

    Each Ingot of "The Spirit of India Collection? is made with .999 pure silver layered with 24carat gold. These one ounce ingots will be covered with plastic capsule to protect the quality so that the sets can be preserved for future generations.

    As a customer to the Spirit of India collection you have an option to buy the whole set of seven ingots at once or you can even split the purchase into as many as up to 7 purchases to own this limited edition which is only one of its kind in the world. this beautiful collection ?The spirit of India collection" is limited to 10,000 sets, After the 10,000th piece is stuck the minting will be completed and goldenline will obliterate the master die so that none of these ingots will be made forever and we display the 1st set of ingots and the obliterated dies at the mint located in Dayton ,Nevada.

    USA postage has officially authorized this special limited edition collection. As a valued collector you will get a certificate of Authenticity with each and every ingot which describes the purity of the ingot and also confirms that the ingot you own is part of this special limited edition.

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